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Timeline - Quick View - example results window - showing context menu

The Timeline Quick View shows:

  • all of the events of the current active person's life
  • birth events of parents
  • all events of siblings
  • family events from all parents

These events are sorted by date, and shows the age of the center person. In total, the columns shown for each event are:

  • date
  • event description
  • age of person
  • event place
  • name of people involved in event


You can activate the Timeline Quick View by the context menu (right-clicking) on a person's name in the People Category(Grouped View or List View), and selecting Quick View > Timeline

Timeline Gramplet

You can also use the Quick View as a Gramplet:

  1. select the Dashboard View
  2. right-click in an open area, and select "Add a gramplet"
  3. left-click on Quick View Gramplet
  4. Select Configure the active view icon from the toolbar
  5. Select the "Quick View" tab: from "View Type:" select "Person, and from "Quick Views:" select "Timeline", and press "Save"
  6. Close the Options

You can then change Gramps Views, and select different people, and the view will change automatically.


You can do this for any Quickview.


Right-clicking on a row in the Timeline Quickview brings up a dialog that allows you to choose between showing the person details associated with the event.


Some ages will appear as negative, as those occurred before the center person was born. Events with invalid dates will appear at the beginning of the list.

Version History

  • Version 1.0.1 refines what events show or not, and adds a final entry, for Today.
  • Version 1.0.2 updates code to fix a missing import.
  • Version 1.0.21 Gramps 4.x

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