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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
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The Sync Associations Tool addon is designed to add a reciprocal Association if it is missing. For instance, if you create a GodFather association between A and B, this tool will create the matching Godchild association between B and A.


The Sync Associations tool is run from the menu Tools > Family Tree Processing > Sync Associations.... It will scan and modify your family tree with no interaction nor feedback of the changes being made. (Although the Persons receiving a reciprocal association will have a freshened Modify Date.) So be certain to make a backup beforehand... in case the result is not what you expected.

This tool is designed to create reciprocal Associations that are implied by explicit Associations records. Any Sources or Notes referenced by the original Association will be cross-referenced to the new reciprocal relationship Association. The following Associations imply a reciprocal relationship:

Association name Reciprocal association name
Godfather Godchild
Godmother Godchild
Landlord Tenant
cM cM


Create a new Family Tree and import the Example.gramps file.


View the Person Association information for example person, Fernandez El Fernandez, Avis III. He is the Godfather of Garner von Zielinski, Lewis Anderson Sr.


Now view the person referenced in the Godfather association, Garner von Zielinski, Lewis Anderson Sr. Note that he is the Godfather of Garner, Anderson but does not have an association with his Godfather.


After running the Sync Associations tool, a window describing the actions taken will appear. The possible actions are

  • <N> Reciprocal associations created
  • All reciprocal associations exist, none created
  • No existing associations, so no reciprocal ones needed

Now view the person again. The Godchild association has been added. If there were Notes or Citations on the initial Association, they would also be referenced.


  • Limited list of association currently known. Adding additional relationships requires adding to the source code in the ASSOC_LOOKUP table
  • No help link to here.

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