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This is a set of reports to list repositories and their related sources information, such as the call number or the type. Repositories stores sources. These reports are useful for displaying some sources information before going to a repository (like an archive).

Repositories Report

Example output from the Repositories Report

Once installed, you can access this report via menu Reports > Text Reports > Repositories Report...

Repositories Report Options

Example output from the Repositories Report Options

Once installed, you can access this report via menu Reports > Text Reports > Repositories Report Options...

There is an additional experimental RepositoriesReport, which tries to provide user-options for additional source information (author, publication information, abbreviation, data), preformatted notes for source or repository, primary media on source, also allows to hide private records (repository, source, note, media) and supports multi-language.



  • As this is a textual report, there is no changes on database. It just retrieves information from database. No need to make a backup before using this report.
  • As code is not very complex, it should not introduce mistakes on output. If there is an error, then there is a valid email address at the end of the plugin.

There is a quick view on 3.1, which does the same thing on active repository. Thanks to Alex Roitman, who generated the "technical part" of the code ...

Generated with :

Coding way is not very quick or standard but is easy to understand and plugin does the job.

  • It has been generated under Geany
  • and checked with pylint.

Feel free to improve it for your own need !