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It will list repositories and their related sources informations, such the call name or the type. Repository stores sources. I use this report for displaying some sources informations before going to a repository (like an archive). There is a quick report on 3.1, which do the same thing on active repository. Thanks to Alex Roitman, who generated the "technical part" of the code ...

Generated with :

Coding way is not very quick or standard but is easy to understand and plugin does the job.

  • It has been generated under Geany
  • and checked with pylint.

I used it one time for cleaning my database. Feel free to improve it for your own need !


  • As this is a textual report, there is no changes on database.

It just retrieves informations from database. Do not need to make a backup before using this report.

  • As code is not very complex, it should not introduce mistakes on output.

If there is an error, then there is a valid mail at the end of the plugin.