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The larger the number of people in the Family Tree

The longer the chart will take to appear.

The Quilt View Chart is an interactive Charts Charts category view addon that presents your family tree in the form of a grid. Quilts allow the visualization of large genealogies up to several thousand individuals, by using a diagonally-filled matrix, where rows are individuals and columns are nuclear families.

Quilt Chart view



From the   Charts category view select the Quilt Chart icon or select View > Quilt Chart from the menu.

Available actions

Move the mouse hover people

If the "Center the selected person" is not selected, one path is drawn for the person below the mouse.

Move the mouse hover families

If the "Center the selected person" is not selected, one tooltip with the family name is shown below the mouse.

Click on one person

With the left button

The popup menu for the person selected is displayed.

With the right button

The person editor is called.

Click on one family

With the left button

The popup menu for the family selected is displayed.

With the right button

The family editor is called.

The search bar

When you have a big tree, it is difficult to find a person. This bar is used to select people and show the filtered name(s) in a drop down menu.

The clear button

This button is used to clear the entry filed for the dropdown menu.

The message

On the label string, you have three values :

  1. The first one is the number of the selected persons. The lower this number is, the smaller will be the list.
  2. The second one is the number of people show on the tree. This number depends on the active person.
  3. The third and last is the number of people in the current database.

The results

Another image which show the dropdown menu.

Configure Options

Select View > Configure... from the menu to change the following:

General options tab:

  • Center the selected person. The new position will be near the top left corner (checkbox selected by default). If this option is selected, you don't see the paths and you have no tooltips when hover families.
  • The path color: red(default)
  • The selected person color: blue(default)
  • The path transparency: slider that defaults to 6 out (1 to 9).

See also

  • Quilts - GEPS_030: New Visualization Techniques
  • Based on GeneaQuilts
  • Anastasia Bezerianos, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Juhee Bae, Ben Watson. GeneaQuilts: A System for Exploring Large Genealogies. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2010, 16 (6), pp.1073-1081. 10.1109/TVCG.2010.159. inria-00532939 [.pdf]