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Media Verify Tool - dialog - default

The idea of the Media Verify Tool is to verify a one-to-one relationship between media objects and files in the media directory. The main purpose of the tool is to locate files that have been moved and fix the paths.


This tool uses MD5 checksums to verify the integrity of files under the media directory. It also allows users to use a file manager of their choice to manage media objects.


This tool assumes that you store all your media files under a media directory. You can specify this directory by setting the Base path for relative media paths in the General tab, under the Edit->Preferences menu option.


Media Verify Tool - dialog - default

You access the tool from the Tools > Utilities > Media Verify... menu.

Selecting the Close button will exit the tool.



Clicking the Generate button will generate MD5 checksums for all media objects. You should run this after you have added or changed any media files. Media objects without MD5 checksums will be listed as part of the media verification.


Clicking the Verify button will perform various checks against your media objects in Gramps and media files under your media directory.

Moved/Renamed Files


Files that have moved or renamed are listed in the Moved/Renamed Files tab. Where there are multiple files with the same checksum under the media directory, the first one listed with the same name as the original will be displayed.

Double clicking on a row will edit the associated media object.

Missing Files


Media objects are listed in the Missing Files tab, when there is no file found with a matching checksum.

Double clicking on a row will edit the associated media object.

Duplicate Files


Files with duplicate checksums are listed in the Duplicate Files tab.

Double clicking on a row will display the image in the default viewer.

Extra Files Files


Files that are under the media directory, but not yet in Gramps are listed in the Extra Files tab.

Double clicking on a row will display the image in the default viewer.

No MD5 Generated


Media objects with no checksum are listed in the No MD5 Generated tab.

Double clicking on a row will edit the associated media object.


Clicking the Export button will export the report as a text file.


Clicking the Fix button will fix the paths in the media objects to match the new paths listed in the Moved/Renamed Files section.

Possible future enhancements

This tool could be enhanced to perform other tasks, such as:

  • Merging media objects with duplicate files.
  • Updating the checksum for modified files.
  • Removing unused duplicate files.
  • Creating media objects for unused files.
  • Add a help button pointing here


  • 7144 Media Verify: wrong handling of non-ascii characters
  • 6744 Add Merge for Media Verify Plugin