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Heatmap report (Stamen Design Terrain map tiles)

Heatmap is a web report which creates an interactive map containing a heatmap generated from Gramps event place data.


Once this Report addon has been installed, Heatmap web pages can be generated from the Graphical User Interface or the Book interface. Report only looks for PlacesPlaces found within a subset of the EventsEvents related to a group of PeoplePeople.

The webpage contains an embedded list of GPS coordinates for places with the number of Events occurring at each place. The list is set up for output to the Heatmapping overlay feature of a selected Web map service.

The Graphical User Interface

Select Menu Reports ▼ Web Pages ▶ Heatmap...

The Options tab

Heatmap Options tab

This tab allows the following options to be selected:

  • Filter: defaults to restrict PeoplePerson results to match the "Ancestors of <selected person>" filter.
    Other filters include the "Descendants of <selected person>" or any of the custom filter for the Person category.
  • Person: Sets the <selected person> for the filter.
    This defaults to the currently Active Person.
    Heatmap Select Person dialog
    STOCK_INDEX (used for share)Share button allows the <selected person> to be re-selected.
    The Share list is initially filtered to the current Active Person, Home Person and any bookmarked persons.
    Show all checkbox allows choosing from an unfiltered People list.
  • Map tiles: Changes the Map Service providing the HeatMap overlay processing and the appearance of the map backdrop.

    Map Service selections include:
    • OpenStreetMap
    • Stamen Terrain
    • Stamen Toner
    • Stamen Watercolor
    • CartoDB Positron
    • CartoDB DarkMatter
  • Filepath: The file directory where the Web Page file should be saved.
  • File name: The file name. (Only allows letters A-Z, a-z, numbers 0-9 and the characters space, underline and hyphen)

The Event types tab

Heatmap Event Types tab

This tab allows selects following options to be selected:

  • Birth If selected, the report plots Birth event Place data as heatmap datapoints.
  • Death If selected, the report plots Death event Place data as heatmap datapoints.
  • Residence If selected, the report plots Residence event Place data as heatmap datapoints.
  • Occupation If selected, the report plots Occupation event Place data as heatmap datapoints.

Once you have selected your options, pressing OK begins the preparation and generation of the Web Page. No progress bar or notification will be shown. Open the Web Page in any browser with internet access.

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