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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
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All sample reports

that are shown are created using Gramps data.gramps file and I0024 Smith, Gustaf Sr. as the center person/family.

The Graphical Reports addon creates charts for the active person. The following three similar reports are available:


Select the report you want to use from the menu option Reports -> Graphical Reports -> XXXXX...

Tree examples

Ancestoral Report

This report contains extensions to the builtin Ancestor Tree report that is available. The updates are:

  1. Able to print empty boxes where missing ancestors are
  2. can print spouses of the center person
  3. two separate displays (for fathers and mothers), and a display for marriage information (in a separate box).
  4. You can choose the display that Fathers, Mothers, the Center person and his/her spouses use

Personal Descendant Report

Sample Personal Descendant chart

This report is an extension to the current Descendant Report that is available. The updates are:

  1. Able to start with the selected persons parents first
    1. This will also show all siblings of the selected person
  2. level of spouses that you wish to see
    • 0 - Do not show spouses
    • 1 - Show spouses of the direct descendants
    • 2 - Show spouses of those spouses
    • 3 - etc
  3. able to compress the tree
  4. two separate displays (one for direct descendants and the other for spouses), and a display for marriage information (in a separate box).
  5. able to bold direct descendants
  6. and able to replace text within the report.

the Sample Personal Descendant chart that is shows was ran with the 'start with the selected persons parents first' option. Without this option the left column (Gustaf's parents) will not be there and Gustaf's two siblings (Magnes and Emil) on the next column will not print.

Familial Descendant Report

Sample Familiar Descendant chart

This report is an extension to the Personal Descendant Report in that it is ran off of a family. As such it can have two sets of grandparents.

In the example given (picture to the right), Mom (shown with the bottom arrow) does not have any parents in the database. If she did, they would be displayed to the left of her and all brothers and sisters would be below her.

The Sample Familial Descendant chart that is shows was ran with the 'start with the selected persons parents first' option. If Gustaf's wife had parents within the database, they would be shown to the right of her, and any siblings would be displayed below her.


These reports share most the following option tabs unless stated otherwise:

All reports

All of these three reports share the following features:

  1. The Tree Options tab contains the main options on how many columns of people will be shown
  2. The Display tab shows the main display that will be used
  3. The Secondary [display] tab shows secondary display that can/will be used
  4. The same print features
  5. Better Graphical_Substitution
    1. '{' and '}' now encapsulate areas that can be removed if all variables within are unknown
    2. '-' at the start of a line will remove the line if all variables on the line are unknown
    3. a better Graphical_Substitution is very close to complete (documentation only now).
  6. Missing (unknown) information can now either display nothing or '_____'
  7. The option to include a personalized Note to the report.
    1. You can print the date by using '$T' in the note.

The Replace tab

  • Note that this tab is only available in the Descendant reports.

Since all of the columns are the same width, the single longest line within the report dictates the entire width of the report. As such, I have added this feature to help replace long lines with something smaller. Examples of use are:

Heard Island and McDonald Islands/HMD
Democratic People's Republic of Korea/PRK
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands/SGS
The Democratic Republic of Congo/COD
United States of America/USA

This also works great on removing/abbreviating long town, county, or state names.

The Notes tab

This tab helps you to display a personalized note somewhere on the report. The options are whether to print a note, what to print, and where to print in (corners only at this time). The '$T' variable will now print the date.