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The GetGOV gramplet is designed to download place information from the GOV gazetteer. It is installed as a gramplet on the Places view. This information can include

  • Geographical location (lat-lon coordinates)
  • Foreign and former names
  • Past affiliation or hierarchy of enclosed-by places.

Instead of the default ID numbering (Pxxxx) for the imported places, the GOV-id will be used as the ID. If additional imports are performed, duplicate places (even part of the Enclosed By) will be automatically merged.

If the Preferences -> Places tabs Language: is set, then this is used as the preferred language for place names which are imported, otherwise, the preference is German.

Example of use

This example shows how the gramplet would be used with the GOV gazetteer website to import the place Frommenhausen.


Log into the GOV gazetteer website.


Find the appropriate GOV-id for the place of interest. In the illustration, the search for the city Frommenhausen was used. The result identifies the appropriate GOV-id as FROSENJN48KK.


To see what data will be imported, you can drill down in to the GOV-id.


Enter the GOV-id into the GetGOV gramplet on the Places view.


The resulting places with Lat and Lon are loaded. Note that the Place Type is in the same language as the Place. Note that the ID is the GOV-id and not the default Pxxxx numbering.


This illustrates that multiple alternate names will be loaded if they are in the GOV database. Deutschland is the Primary name and there are multiple alternate names in different languages in this illustration.


The Place hierarchy is also loaded as defined in the GOV database. This includes the Enclosed By information which may be time-dependent as illustrated/


  • If the GOV-id does not exist in the GOV database, a single place will still be created with that ID but blank name and Unknown type.