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Main menu showing all four reports for Addon:GenealogyTree

The GenealogyTree addon creates professional looking trees for the active person in the LaTeX genealogytree (the Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams package) file format. The following reports are available:



From the menu select Reports > Trees > [Xxxxx] Tree... where [Xxxxx] is one of the available reports.

For a large family tree

Make sure to select a large enough paper size in the Paper Options tab as the reports currently do not scale well.

  • Output is to LaTeX File(*.tex) by default. This format is generally intended for print production and may not be suitable for viewing the resulting tree chart. Installing an additional program to automatically convert to a .pdf format file is highly recommended.

See Common options

Tree examples

Example output for each tree report.

Ancestor tree

Ancestor tree - example for Addon:GenealogyTree

Creates a tree chart showing the ancestors of the active person.

Descendant tree

Descendant tree - example for Addon:GenealogyTree

Creates a tree chart showing the descendants of the active person.

Grandparent tree

Grandparent tree - example for Addon:GenealogyTree

Creates a Grandparent tree for the selected person.

Sandclock tree

Sandclock tree - example for Addon:GenealogyTree

Creates a Sandclock tree for the selected person.

A sandclock connects ancestors and descendants starting from a single proband (active person).

Sandclock Tree for a Family

Sandclock Tree for a Family - example for Addon:GenealogyTree

Creates a Sandclock tree for the selected family.


Output is only to LaTex File (*.tex) which by default is displayed as plain text with layout annotation in the preferred Text viewing application for your OS unless you have installed a LaTex helper application. The following prerequisite "helper" applications will interpret the layout annotation to view the fully formatted LaTex(*.tex) file or automatically convert it to a pdf file:

  • texlive including the textlive-pictures package which contains LaTeX genealogytree (the Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams package)

The texlive-pictures package contains genealogytree.

The texlive-fontsextra package is required for non-latin fonts.

See specific instructions for your operating system.



  • TeX support, at least 'texlive-base', 'texlive-binaries', 'tex-common', 'luatex' packages
  • for internal PDF output file format needs LaTex support (e.g., 'texlive-latex-base' package)
  • for genealogytree needs 'texlive-pictures' package

or download and install 'genealogytree' for the last version:

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/latex/genealogytree or /var/lib/texmf, /usr/local/share/texmf

$ cp ./genealogytree/* ~/texmf/tex/latex/genealogytree

$ texhash ~/texmf

Same for 'tcolorbox', and maybe for fonts : 'libertines', 'mweights, etc ...

$ cp ~/texmf/tex/latex/libertine/map/ ~/.texmf-var/fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/

$ updmap --enable Map=~/texmf/tex/latex/libertine/map/

$ sudo mktexlsr

$ sudo updmap-sys --enable Map=~/texmf/tex/latex/libertine/map/

  • need 'texlive-latex-extra' (for xkeyval) and 'latex-tools' (for shellesc) or install the base [1]!
  • can also update 'pdftexcmds' and 'pgf'

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Apple MacOS

Install the MacTeX distribution.


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Microsoft Windows

You can enable automatic output to PDF on Microsoft Windows as by default these reports only output to the LaTeX(".tex" extension) file type which are not suitable for viewing.

For our Microsoft Windows TeX/LaTeX environment you will use MiKTeX we only need to download the basic installer from:

Start the MiKTeX installer and during install:

  • select [ ]Install MiKTeX only for me(YOURUSERNAME)
  • and change Install missing packages on-the-fly to Yes

after successful installation of MiKTeX do the following once only:

Start the Microsoft Windows command console prompt (cmd.exe) and type:

lualatex --version

If that works then you are ready to have MiKTex install the additional missing packages, start Gramps and create a one of the Reports > Trees > [Xxxxx] Tree... reports and for the LaTeX(".tex" extension). Now in the Microsoft Windows command console prompt (cmd.exe) type:

lualatex FILENAME

where FILENAME is full pathname of .tex file you previously create in Gramps. The MiKTeX package manager will then automatically download the missing packages. When all is finished pdf file will be created in directory in which you start this command, along with two other files of the same name but with different extensions (*.log) and (*.aux) which you can ignore.

If everything goes well you will now have an additional Output format: option in Gramps to output the reports to the PDF(".pdf" extension) format and the builtin LaTex(*.tex) format.

The last optional step is from the Windows StartMenu run the MiKTeX Console and in Settings change [ ]Always install missing packages on-the-fly settings to [ ]Ask me(recommended) or [ ]Never install missing packages on-the-fly.

PDF's created automatically with lualatex

are output to the PDF Version 1.5 (Acrobat 6.0)format which has a maximum PDF page size of 200" x 200" inches (508cm x 508cm) so choose your custom paper sizes accordingly or Gramps will show the Report could not be created dialog

See also

  • Feature request 10223 LaTeX genealogytree reports
  • (creates the *.tex file and checks for the presence of lualatex.exe on Windows or lualatex on Linux )
  • Original instructions for installing PDF output support for Microsoft Windows
  • LaTeX genealogytree (the Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams package) - By Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas F. Sturm, documentation & examples (github)- CTAN(Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) - Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams are proven tools to visualize genetic and relational connections between individuals. The naming (“tree”) derives from historical family diagrams. However, even the smallest family entity consisting of two parents and several children is hardly a ‘mathematical’ tree — it is a more general graph. The package provides a set of tools to typeset genealogical trees (i.e., to typeset a set of special graphs for the description of family-like structures). The package uses an autolayout algorithm which can be customized, e.g., to prioritize certain paths.
  • Questions tagged genealogytree on

Discussions on Gramps community support forum (Discourse)


See issues tagged with GenealogyTree on the bugtracker.

  • The diagram doesn't scale to fit the page. For a large tree you will have to select a large paper size.
    • Only the smallest value on Paper size item will be used
    • 10512Sandclock tree generates one page of (possibly) a larger report
  • 10494 LaTeX report includes full images uncropped
  • Help button url does not come here.
  • No support for localized month names
  • If you install only one of the reports the rest are installed also!