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Addon:Family Tree

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Family Tree - Graphical Reports - Addon - example of results

The Family Tree report generates a graphical tree of a family with its ancestors and/or descendants. Similar to the standard builtin Ancestor Tree and Descendant Tree reports but with the following differences:

  • Both ancestors and descendants are combined in a single report
    • On the ancestors side, father and mother are combined in a box
    • On the descendants side, spouses are included
  • The names are printed in a bigger font than the dates and places (birth date, death date, etc)
  • This report makes better use of the available space for printing ancestors and the whole report is centered on the page, the boxes are also aligned in a more centered than top-aligned way

Numerous other user selectable options allowing coloring, and how various family information is display.



You can choose the Family Tree report with Reports ->Graphical Reports -> Family Tree...

The Family Tree report starts with a center family and can print both ancestors (to the left) and descendants (to the right).

Paper Options

See also common options

If the report determines that the paper size is not large enough you will see the

Paper too small: Some elements may not appear or be badly rendered. warning dialog

Tree Options

Family Tree - Graphical Reports - Tree Options - tab default options

The Center Family is chosen here.

The report can be colored, with various coloring options

Content Options

Family Tree - Graphical Reports - Content - tab default options
  • Marriage and divorce information is included and you have the option to print occupation and residence.
  • This report has options to use the call name instead of the first name, or to underline the call name (only works with PDF output)
  • There are 3 predefined ways of formatting the birth/death/marriage/divorce data: year only, full date, or full date and place

Tree Options

Family Tree - Graphical Reports - Text Options - tab default options
  • Title text: - if left blank the report will print "Family Tree for [Person one] and [Person two]".
  • Footer text: - if left blank the report will print nothing


  • Help button wrong page
  • 7018 : Family Tree report no longer underlines call name in PDF output
  • To activate callname handling, you need to apply the patch in 8003 uncomment in the the line

# menu.add_option(category_name, "callname", callname)


  • The report uses <u>...</u> to underline the call name if the call name is a part of the first name. This only works with CairoDoc based output (direct printing, PDF export) and HTML output.
  • Printing on more than one page doesn't work, you usually want to use the "scale to fit on a single page" option.

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