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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager.

You can only manually install this tool.
See Addon:Display_relations_and_distances_with_the_home_person#Issues

Relation identifiant - calculated relation - name of the person - generation up - generation down - common relation identifiant - rank - period

The Display relations and distances with the home person addon tool is a simple interface for Gramps Relationship Calculator.

It just sets a relation ID for mapping relations according to your locale and data (deep search).

An additional period entry (if exists) is linked to individuals as information.

Sorting function is available on all columns, as well as resizing (column, window).


Select Tools > Analysis and Exploration > Display relations and distances with the home person... from the menu.

Save and export

Select the Save button at the bottom of dialog to export the content after calculations via file generation to OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) format.


Run via CLI and debug statements:

$ python3 -O 'example' -a tool -p name=relationtab -d "relation_tab"


  • relationships_identifiers are set on module
  • ancestors numbering is based on sosa/kekule model
  • descendants numbering is based on matrilineality kinship
  • most recent ancestors are most recent mothers


RelID is an experimental analysis and exploration tool. Need some cleanup and a global orientation, feel free to modify it.

This addon is not available on Gramps builtin addons listing and can be installed manually from:


  • On this addon, iteration with sqlite 3.8.2 database backend seems at least 30 % slower than iteration with bsddb 6.0.1.
  • Average of maximum O.O1 second per person for 5 levels (generations) on modern CPUs.
  • Simple counters are displayed when iteration is passing more than 100 items (useful for debug and if user wants to cancel a too large process)
Deep generations

Try to limit deep search (generations set on Preferences) for large table of people.

To check

  • step descendants may have a mistake on most recent mother number if they are direct descendants of the father.

To do

  • fix modal window
  • Use gramps.plugins.lib.librecurse module or advanced lib like pypedal

Genesis and history

  • 4169: To generate numbering class
  • 7955: Show Kekule numbering in different views

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