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The "Detailed Descendant Report with all images" report is based heavily on the Addon:Descendant and_Detailed_Descendant Book Reports. This report adds 2 features. The first is that it tries to display all images. The second is that it allows one to create a todo list of all todo items for each person in the tree.


  • Menu Reports > Text Reports > Detailed Descendant Report with all images...


Detailed Descendant Report With All Images - Report Options - tab (default)

Detailed Descendant Report With All Images - Content - tab (default)
Detailed Descendant Report With All Images - Include - tab (default)
Detailed Descendant Report With All Images - Missing Information - tab (default)


I (Jon Schewe) created this report because I wanted to print out as much information as possible for displaying at family reunions. The original detailed descendant report displays most of the information that I want, however it doesn't show all of the images and sometimes these are important. I also found it useful to list my todo items so that members of the family that are looking at the book may be able to help with the answers.