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3.2 Addons

Outdated : This page listed Third-party plugins written by users and developers to work only with Gramps version listed.

Please make a backed up. and upgrade to the current version of Gramps 5.2.3 and use the associated Third-party plugins
These Third-party plugin's/addons unless stated are not officially part of Gramps.

Third-party plugins give you more tools to work with your genealogy data in Gramps. This page lists plugins written by users and developers to work with the Gramps 3.2 version (released in March 2010). These plugins may not be officially part of Gramps. Feature requests and bugs with these plugins should be directed to the contact information below. Plugins for previous versions of Gramps can be found on the 3.1.x Third-party Plugins page. Plugins for the next version of Gramps can be found at 3.3 Addons.

Installing Addons in GRAMPS

To install a GRAMPS Addon:

Install Addons
  1. Start Gramps
  2. Select Menu -> Help -> Plugin Manager
  3. Select the tab "Install Addons"
  4. To make sure the addon list is up to date, click on Refresh Addon List
  5. Select the addon to install from the list
  6. Click Install Addon
  7. Reload the plugins from the Help -> Plugin Status -> Reload button
  8. For some addons, you may need to restart Gramps

You can also install Addons manually; however, the above method is preferred. To install manually:

  1. click on the download link below
  2. Open the .ZIP or .gz file and save the contents to your GRAMPS User Directory, in the gramps32/plugins folder
  3. Reload the plugins from the Help -> Plugin Status -> Reload button.
  4. For some addons, you may need to restart gramps

The Plugin Status window will show you which plugins failed to load, double click on such an entry shows you the error. You can mail this error to the plugin contact.

Addon list

See Addon list legend for details of columns.

Plugin / Documentation Type Image Description Use Rating (out of 4) Contact Download
Narrative Web Report 1.0.1 Webreport Temporary fix for Gramps 3.2.6; adds a fixed Narrative Web Report All 4 Doug Blank NarrativeWeb.addon.tgz
All Names Quickview Quickview   Shows all names for all people. All 4 Doug Blank AllNamesQuickview.addon.tgz
AttachSourceTool Tool   A tool to attach a source to a group of people. All 1 Doug Blank AttachSourceTool.addon.tgz
BirthdaysGramplet Gramplet   Display the upcoming birthdays All 1 Peter Potrowl BirthdayGramplet.addon.tgz
Cairo Clock Gramplet Gramplet   A sample Cairo clock gramplet. Developers 1 Doug Blank ClockGramplet.addon.tgz
Calculate Estimated Dates Tool   A tool to set estimated birth and death dates. All 2 Doug Blank CalculateEstimatedDates.addon.tgz

page.php Gramps Bugtracker]

Census Gramplet Gramplet   Lists census events for the active person. Allows users to create and edit census data in a single form. Expert users 3 Nick Hall Census.addon.tgz
Data Entry Gramplet Gramplet   Quick Data Entry for People data. Expert users 4 Gramps Bugtracker DataEntryGramplet.addon.tgz
Deep Connections Gramplet Gramplet   Finds deep relationships between home and active people. All 3 - DeepConnectionsGramplet.addon.tgz
DenominoViso Web report   Creates interactive graphical ancestor/descendant tree on a webpage. All 3 Michiel Nauta DenominoViso.addon.tgz
Descendant Count Gramplet Gramplet   Gives a count of descendants for each person. All 4 Doug Blank DescendantCount.addon.tgz
Django Import/Export Importer/Exporter   Code to import and export your data from gramps-connect. All 3 Doug Blank Django.addon.tgz
ExportRaw Exporter   A GRAMPS exporter that will dump your BSDDB database into a flat text version (.raw) of the Python objects. Developers 4 Doug Blank ExportRaw.addon.tgz
Family Sheet Report   Generates a form with all information about a person, their spouses and children. All 4 Reinhard Müller FamilySheet.addon.tgz
Family Tree Report   Generates a graphical tree of a family with its ancestors and/or descendants. All 3 Reinhard Müller FamilyTree.addon.tgz
Filtered Reports Report   Create a descendant report using a filter. Developer
Expert user
2 Adam Stein FilteredReports-0.1.0.tar.gz
GRAMPS SQL Database Exporter/Importer   A GRAMPS exporter and importer that will export/import your BSDDB database as a fully-relational SQLite database. Expert users 3 Doug Blank Sqlite.addon.tgz
GoogleEarth Mapservice   Show places with GoogleEarth. All 3 Peter Landgren GoogleEarthWriteKML.addon.tgz
Graph View Experimental View   A view that displays a descendant tree based on the active person. Requires PyGoocanvas and Goocanvas. Testing N/A Gary Burton GraphView.addon.tgz
Graphical Report   Much improved replacements for the Ancestor and Descendant Graphical reports and new Familial Graphical report. All 4 Craig Anderson Graphical32.tar.gz
Handle.bash External utility   A bash script which makes it possible to work with multiple databases merging select branches at will without collisions. All 3 User:Lcc (e-mail) Handle.bash.tar.gz
Headline News Gramplet Gramplet   Shows GRAMPS breaking news, once per hour. All 4 Gramps Bugtracker HeadlineNewsGramplet.addon.tgz
Image Metadata Gramplet Gramplet   Allows you to add, edit, and remove image exif metadata. Expert users ? Rob G. Healey ImageMetadataGramplet.addon.tgz
InformationGraph Report N/A Generate detailed GraphViz graphs by spidering over the database. All N/A Bob Ham
LastChange Report and Gramplet   A gramplet and report to display the last ten records changed in the open family tree. The gramplet only displays persons, while the report can display changed famlies, places, and events too. All 1 Jakim Friant LastChange.addon.tgz
libaccess Library   An experimental gen.lib interface. Developers 1 Doug Blank libaccess.addon.tgz
Lines of Descendency Report Report   Prints out all descendency lines from a given ancestor to a given descendent in text. All 2.5 User:Lcc (e-mail) LinesOfDescendency.addon.tgz
NoteGramplet Gramplet   A data entry gramplet for notes. All 3 Doug Blank NoteGramplet.addon.tgz
Number Of Descendants Quickview Quickview   Shows the number of descendants of the current person. All 4 Reinhard Müller NumberOfDescendantsQuickview.addon.tgz
Place completion tool Tool   A tool to fill in places. All 3 see package. PlaceCompletion.addon.tgz
Python Gramplet Gramplet   Interactive Python Shell. Developers 4 Gramps Bugtracker PythonGramplet.addon.tgz
QueryGramplet Gramplet and Report   A SQL-like query system. All 1 Doug Blank Query.addon.tgz
RepositoriesReport Report   Lists repositories and their related sources informations. All 3 Jérôme Rapinat RepositoriesReport.addon.tgz
RelatedRelativesGramplet Gramplet   Display all persons in the database with a relation to a relative. All 1 Heinz Brinker RelatedRelativesGramplet.addon.tgz
SetAttributeTool Tool   A tool for setting attributes and their values on people. All 2 Doug Blank SetAttributeTool.addon.tgz
SetMarkerTool Tool   Select a filter and mark people as "ToDo" (or anything else). All 1 Doug Blank SetMarkerTool.addon.tgz
Split Views Views   A set of views that displays each main view type with a secondary gramplet pane. All 4 Doug Blank GrampletSidebarViews.addon.tgz
Timeline Quickview Quickview   Shows timeline of events in immediate family members' lives. All 4 Doug Blank TimelineQuickview.addon.tgz
TimelinePedigreeView View   Pedigree showing timeline and relationships. All 3 Doug Blank TimelinePedigreeView.addon.tgz
ToDoReport Report N/A Tag notes as ToDo (or anything else) and you can generate a report with the notes and the records they are attached to. Another way of maintaining a to-do list within GRAMPS. All 1 Jakim Friant ToDoReport.addon.tgz

See Writing a plugin for information on developing your own addon.

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