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I have some concerns over this file.

  • How do we verify that this file is what it is supposed to be?
  • The file is poorly named. could be anything.
  • There is no link to this file anywhere.

Uploading executable binaries to the wiki is not really a good idea. We are going to need some more information, or we will have to remove the file.



as Don said, please call this file or something along these lines, and delete the file. People might think is the GRAMPS program otherwise.

Also, you must add a section to the description page with License info. I suppose in this case, you would want to publish this as public domain or GPL, see GRAMPS:Image_copyright_tags/All bmcage 10:08, 28 March 2007 (EDT)

Actually, if this is a release file (which it seems rather small), it should be on SourceForge, not on the wiki.