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Thanks for helping Gramps to provide a better Chinese support !

Looking at some translations tools I do not know what "端午节 练习页面第一版" means ! "Dragon Boat Festival practices the page first edition" ???

If you want, I could try to add a Chinese support on wiki !



感谢帮助Gramps提供a 更好的中国人支持! 看有些翻译工具我不知道什么 " 端午节练习页面第一版" 手段! " 龙小船节日实践页第一edition" ? ? ? 如果您要,我可能设法增加在wiki的中国支持!

thanks for your quick reply! I use Ubuntu just for 2 years ,and not familiar with the current user talk mode.

I installed Gramps on my pc few days ago. I like it very much. while I also find some inconvenience for chinese user.

First of all, no chinese GUI . Secondly, there is no lunar calander for chinese traditional habit.

I check the "GRAMPS translations" list. the chinese translation is 3%,and "unknown Contact " in contact person form. Few chinese homepage may be the major reason to hold back the popularization among us.

So I decide to learn Gramps from translation. As for " 端午节练习页面第一版". sorry for confusion ,that labels the starting date I will learn Gramps. "Dragon Boat Festival" is one of traditional festival for us. It is yesterday.


I tried to enable Chinese support (zh iso code) on wiki and added a localized category for documentation.

thanks a lot.