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Gramps uses the language of genealogists. Sometimes this might be a bit daunting. An overview of terms used follows, with the meaning as used in Gramps, and with suggestions on how to work with these objects.

  • Events - What is an event, how to use it, which events are predefined?
  • Citations - What is meant by a citation, how to use them?
  • Sources - What is meant by a source, how to use a source reference?
  • Repositories - Is your home a repository? The web?
  • Places - How should you organize your places?
  • Tags - What are tags? are they different then markers or filters?
  • Attributes - What is an attribute, how to use it, which attributes are predefined?
  • Overview of terms - Address, call name, ...


  • Gramps Glossary - overview of terms that appear in Gramps, with a short description, and a link to relevant articles.
  • Genealogy Glossary - of genealogical terms details some of the most common terms you are likely to come across during your family search.