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Gramps is an open source genealogical software program. It requires the help of its users to make manuals and tutorials. Fortunately, many users have contributed to the project, by adding tips, tutorials, user guides and examples to this wiki. Your continued involvement to this wiki is required to allow new users to quickly understand Gramps, and find answers to their usability questions.

  • If there is a particular point that you feel should be documented (or where the existing documentation should be improved) then please look at How you can help. Perhaps you can write a tutorial on a specific aspect, or improve this wiki, or help with the User Manual.
  • If you want to help with coding, see the Developers Portal, where you find tutorials to create your own reports.
  • Installation See the main Installation page link in the sidebar.
  • Support Gramps is a complex product that is developed entirely by volunteer effort.
  • Contacting us Reporting bugs, requesting enhancements, the mailing lists, IRC and the Gramps Forum.

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To search the wiki for a feature, you will need to know that feature’s proper name. The Visual Guide to the Gramps Interface will identify what terms to search. If you have any questions on Gramps that are not solved by searching this wiki, then the Gramps community forums (preferably on Discourse or the Mailing Lists) are a good place to find help. Search the archives of the gramps-users mailing list first, and if you cannot find the answer, join the gramps-users mailing list. Then send your question to [email protected].
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