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 Gramps 2.0.9 released.

GRAMPS 2.0.9 has been released

Version 2.0.9 -- the "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!" release

  • Incremental interface improvements.
  • Automated testing added, based on the CLI functionality.
  • Smaller number of supported reports.
  • Report rendering improvements in OOo, PDF, gnome-print, PS, HTML, abw, and kwd formats.
  • New filter rules: Ancestor of bookmarked/default person less than N generations away (Wayne Bergeron).
  • Numerous web generator improvements.
  • GEDCOM import supports forward-referencing named notes.
  • User manual updates.
  • New Checkpoint tool plugin.
  • Support for running tools from command line.
  • Persistent options for tools, as applicable.
  • Export patronymic names into GEDCOM.
  • Updates for Swedish translation and date localization (Stefan Bjork).
  • Fully formalized XML format (DTD and RelaxNG schema).
  • New plugin documenting command line reference.
  • Memory leak in libbglade worked around.
  • Limitation of 31 generations in reports removed.
  • Improved responsiveness when working with large databases.
  • Select from recent files on startup.
  • Better support for unicode filenames
  • Better support for media objects in GEDCOM output
  • Numerous bug fixes.