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 Gramps 0.1.5 released.
  • Plenty of bug fixes in the report generators and merging due to the previous addition of date ranges.
  • Added PDF file type generation for reports. Depends on the reportlab package (available at http://www.reportlab.com). If the package is not installed, gramps will run, but without PDF generation ability.
  • Will use the Python Imaging Library if present to handle images. If not, it will revert to the old method of using Imagick (convert).
  • The user can select an attribute (from the attribute list) to display on the Edit Person window.
  • The internal gramps ID is now displayed on the Edit Person window.
  • Marriage types can now be recorded.
  • Addresses now use a single date instead of multiple dates, since dates can now deal with ranges.
  • Due to a bug in Python 2.0/GTK interaction, list colors are disabled for Python 2.0 and above.
  • configure script now properly deals with Python include paths, eliminating the need to hand edit the src/Makefile to get gramps to run under Python 2.X.
  • Photos are now displayed properly again in the Edit Person gallery.
  • Family notes are now implemented.