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The problems: finished big cleanup
= Duncan's planned system =
== The problems goal ==* Maximum number of subdirectories?After researching for the [[Portable Filenames]] article I've decided to aim for a system designed to work on any computer made after 1994.** Only base + Directories: the cd plus 7 in sub directories (limit of [ ISO 9660 level ]) 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/file** Filenames: only the following: a-z Lowercase alphabetical characters (see below) A-Z Uppercase alphabetical characters (see below) 0-9 Numerals - Hyphens/ dashes (must not start a files name) _ Underscores** Path length limited to 256 characters (limit of [ Windows Path Size]) No solution found
* How should the record properties and directory names be limited so we don't cross the maximum path length restriction?
** No ideasolution found
* Single letter directory names, how do we stop them changing case?
** No ideasolution found* Indicating unsure or incomplete dates?** ca = approximate dates (circa/ approximately, ie: ''in latin) --1810ca--'' or '' --1810-09ca--** before = before, , ie: ''a certain date --1810before--'' or '' --1810-09before09-15before--** unknown month, known day --1810-_-10--
== Problems in progress ==

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