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Addon:Deep Connections Gramplet

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* The '''Relationship to home person''' [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Display|Display Preferences]] option for the Status bar
* '''[[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_8#Relation_to_Home_Person|Relation to Home Person]]''' [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_8#Quick_Views|quick view]].
* The Isotammi '''[[Addon:Isotammi_addons#Deep_Connections_Graph!|Deep Connection Graph]]''' - local server dashboard gramplet
* The '''[[Deep_Connections_Gramplet|Deep Connections]]''' gramplet: If this third party addon is installed, it will list the intervening generations through the sibling offspring of a common ancestor. (But it does not list the common ancestor or if both person a connected through the same spouse.) The Gramplet also details the indirect relationships.

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