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It is offered as an alternative to the [[Example.gramps|example.gramps]] file and supports a different learning modality. The GrampsPseudonymTree is more abstract and tries to avoid becoming obscured by non-essential detail. The idea is to avoid losing clear sight of the Tree's trunk & branches behind the leaves.
The [[Image:Gramps-view.png|link=]] {{man label|file is corrupt and does not work}} '''[[:File:GrampsPseudonymTree(02Feb2020).gz|GrampsPseudonymTree(02Feb2020).gz]]''' file ideally will have an abstraction to represent the various relationships in Gramps.
The 'names' are actually generic labels of the relationship. This allows sample reports, charts & filters to be run where the abstracted results automatically self-document & build their own lookup key. It is useful for verifying results when developing an addon. If designing a '[[Gramps_Glossary#books report|book]]' collation of reports, running the book design on this abstracted Tree of data can produce the foundation for a 'how to interpret this book' section.

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