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Adapt a built-in Report

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A question was posted to the Discourse forum wondering if there were tips somewhere for copying an internal Gramps report to a make an experimental add-onaddon?
It seems like more people would be intrigued with the possibilities of tweaking reports without the risk of breaking a feature. Particularly one that they use often enough that tweaking it seemed like a good idea.
Making a duplicate add-on addon sidesteps putting the original at risk. However, there are differences between built-ins and 3rd party add-onsaddons. It seemed like that might require at least converting the library paths and making a new <code></code> registration file. What else?
==A reply privately shared==
In a private message ''{on March 28th}'', GaryG privately replied and sent a few copies of reports generated that are examples of internal reports converted to the Add-on Addon format.
In the sample cases, Gary had taken the Detailed Ancestor and [[Addon:Descendant_and_Detailed_Descendant_Book_Reports|Detailed Descendant]] stock reports and added the ability to include *all* images for everyone. The Detailed individual report had that functionality, but the ancestor/descendant did not.
==Find the original Add-on Addon Python source==Reports can be difficult to find in the Gramps collection of source code. There are a wide variety of report flavors: text and graphical reports, Quick Reports, reporting View modes and reporting Gramplets. And each can be built-in or be a 3rd Party Add-onAddon.
So, the first step is to find the master copy of the module generating the report.
Third party add-ons addons are easy to locate within the <code>gramps51\plugins</code> subdirectory of the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_User_Directory|User Directory]]. You just make a duplicate of the report and modify the duplicate to be distinct (both to Gramps and how the modified report will appear in the GUI) from the original.
For the built-ins, we''' start with the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Command_Line#report_action_option|CLI Reports list]] from a stock installation of Gramps:

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