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Before downloading the ready-to-run stand-alone bundle: Use your '''earlier version of Gramps''' to [[How_to_make_a_backup#Gramps_version_3.3_and_later|backup]] your Family Trees to the hardy and portable [[#1|XML format<sup>1</sup>]]. Read the [[Mac OS X:Application package|before installation]] instructions.
Tested for compatibility with Apple macOS/Mac OS X versions 10.5 13 ([ LeopardMacOS_version_history#Version_10.13:_%22High_Sierra%22 High Sierra]) through 11 12 ([ Big SurMacOS_version_history#Version_12:_%22Monterey%22 Monterey]). ''Help determining your Operating System version can be found in the [ HT201260 Apple Support article.]''
=== Alternative independent installation ===
Alternatively, Gramps can also be built and installed on macOS using either the MacPorts or Homebrew package manager systems.
==== Homebrew ====
The macOS application bundle can also be installed via the Homebrew package manager as a cask. Note that this is *not* a Homebrew build, it is a repackaging of the same provided in the above dmg. It does not depend on or use any of the Homebrew-built libraries.
[ Homebrew] is an open-source package manager for macOS (and Linux).
|<!-- Current versions -->
* Gramps 5.1.4
* Gramps 5.1.5 (testing)
|<!-- Notes -->[ available versions]
|<!-- GUI Package manager -->
|<!-- Current versions -->
* OpenBSD: Gramps 5.1.45
|<!-- Notes -->[ available versions]

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