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Talk:5.1 Addons

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Addons missing
There appear to be AddOns missing from the Wiki‎ [[User:Bamaustin]]([[User talk:Bamaustin|talk]] 23:31, 11 November 2019)
:: Just spotted this list! I made my own along with other Gramps related stuff see my user page for links to the two subpages. --[[User:Gioto|Gioto]] ([[User talk:Gioto|talk]]) 06:41, 17 June 2020 (UTC)
:: * [[User:Gioto/addons-source]]
:: * [[User:Gioto\OtherGrampsAddonsNotListedHere|Other Gramps addons not in addon-source but listed on Github]]
:: * Add pages from [[:User:Matt#Contributions:]] table of addons if needed
:: * See this page [[Rule expansions]] for the filters probably needs to be renamed as a page to something like "Addons:Filter_Rules" as a catch all page?
:: --[[User:Gioto|Gioto]] ([[User talk:Gioto|talk]]) 06:41, 17 June 2020/Update: 22 March 2022 (UTC)

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