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Addon:Graphical Reports

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All reports: Merge all support option tab into one page and delete those pages - Seeing as addon was merged in to Gramps proper in the past
:For the Descendant reports. Bold those people that are direct descendants of the center person/family. This will NOT bold half or step persons.
== Secondary [display] tab ==#The [[Graphical_Se_Report|Secondary [display] tab]] shows secondary display that can/will be used This is spousal (secondary) display that will be used within the report. ;Use separate display format for spouses:For the Descendant reports. ;Indent spouses:For the Descendant reports. When showing more than one level of spouses (option on the 'Tree Options' tab), indenting the spouses really helps visually group people so the report is easier to understand.  ;Spousal Display Format:For the Descendant reports. This will be used for spouses only. This does not include the parents of the center person or the parents of the father and mother of the center family. ;Secondary Display Format:For the Ancestoral report. Spouses of the center person, (grand)-fathers, (grand)-mothers) can choose to use this display format  ;Include Marriage Information:whether to include a separate box holding marriage information. :in the Ancestoral report, anyone can display this information too. I would personally suggest that (grand)-fathers display this.:in the Descendant reports, anyone can display this information too. I would personally suggest that spouses display this.  ;Marriage Display Format:How you wish to display this information. 
== ==
#The same [[Graphical_Pr_Report|print features]]

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