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Addon:Graphical Reports

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:For the Descendant reports. Bold those people that are direct descendants of the center person/family. This will NOT bold half or step persons.
== Secondary [display] tab ==#The [[Graphical_Se_Report|Secondary [display] tab]] shows secondary display that can/will be used This is spousal (secondary) display that will be used within the report. ;Use separate display format for spouses:For the Descendant reports. ;Indent spouses:For the Descendant reports. When showing more than one level of spouses (option on the 'Tree Options' tab), indenting the spouses really helps visually group people so the report is easier to understand.  ;Spousal Display Format:For the Descendant reports. This will be used for spouses only. This does not include the parents of the center person or the parents of the father and mother of the center family. ;Secondary Display Format:For the Ancestoral report. Spouses of the center person, (grand)-fathers, (grand)-mothers) can choose to use this display format  ;Include Marriage Information:whether to include a separate box holding marriage information. :in the Ancestoral report, anyone can display this information too. I would personally suggest that (grand)-fathers display this.:in the Descendant reports, anyone can display this information too. I would personally suggest that spouses display this.  ;Marriage Display Format:How you wish to display this information. == Print Tab ==The same print features ;Scale report to fit#Do not scale report. This option works great with the 'One Page Report' option.#Scale report to fit page width only.#Scale report to fit the size of the page.;One page report:Scale up or down the size of the page (whether verticaly or both vertically and horizontally) to fit the natural size of the report. Note that this WILL most likely make irregular page sizes. Great for Emailing to relatives and Kinkos can size to print too.;Include Report Title:Will display the names of the uppermost parents.:Grandparents will be displayed if known/shown. Otherwise the parents will be printed.;Print a border:Prints a border around the report if wanted.;Print Page Numbers:Page numbers will be printed on the lower right hand corner of the report.;Include Blank Pages:on multiple page reports, if nothing is on a page, specify to print the page anyway.----The same [[Graphical_Pr_Report'Scale Report to fit' and 'One Page Report' options can be done in a couple of neat ways. {| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse;"|-! Scale Report to fit! One Page Report! Result|-|Do not scale report|Unchecked|this is the default options, The report will print features]]on as many pages (both horizontally and vertically) as needed.|-|Do not scale report|Checked|This will make the page size the size that the report wants to be. Using zero page margins makes gif/jpeg pictures.|-|Scale report to fit page width only|Unchecked|this option is most useful when printing landscape. It is easier to tape together pages vertically only.|-|Scale report to fit page width only|Checked|My Kinkos has a 36 inch wide printer. The paper is on a roll, so I use this option to make my LONG wall reports.|-|Scale report to fit the size of the page|both checked and unchecked|This will scale the report to fit on the page specified in 'Paper Options'|} == Display formatting ==#Better [[display formatting|/Graphical_Substitution]]
##'{' and '}' now encapsulate areas that can be removed if all variables within are unknown
##'-' at the start of a line will remove the line if all variables on the line are unknown
## a better [[Display_formatting|/Graphical_Substitution]] is very close to complete (documentation only now).
#Missing (unknown) information can now either display nothing or '_____'
#The option to include a personalized Note to the report.
##You can print the date by using '$T' in the note.
Many of the graphical reports allow you to customize the information on the display. Variable substitutions are used to substitute personal or marriage information for a particular symbol.
===The Substitution Keys===
{| {{prettytable}}
|Displays the person's name in the form of FirstName LastName
|Displays the person's name in the form of LastName, FirstName
|Displays the GRAMPS ID associated with the person.
|Displays the person's date of birth
|Displays the person's place of birth
|Displays the person's date of death
|Displays the person's place of death
|Displays the name of the person's spouse in the form of FirstName LastName
|Displays the name of the person's spouse in the form of LastName, FirstName.
|Displays the marriage date of the person and the spouse.
|Displays the place associated with the marriage of the person and the spouse.
|Displays the marriage divorce date of the person and the spouse.
|Displays the place associated with the divorce of the person and the spouse.
| \$
| $
| \}
| }
| \{
| {
| \\
| \
| {
|Starts a conditional printing section.
| }
|Ends a conditional printing section.
| {
|(only at the start of a line)
This is a line that is NOT to print if all variables are unknown
=== Conditional printing ===
'{' and '}' have been added to help define what prints on a line and '{' at the start of a line defines if the line prints at all. These two are based on these rules:
{| {{prettytable}}
|no variables within closing
|prints everything.
|variables inside and none have information in the database.
ie. '{d. $d $D}' when the person is alive
|prints Nothing
|variables inside and at least one has information in the database.
ie. '{b. $b $B}' and the date is known
|prints everything
Other Notes:
# The end of a line is the same as a closing '}'
## 'd. $d{ $D} is the same as 'd. $d{ $D'
# Brackets are read from left to right
==== Examples ====
$i $n
Born on $b{ at $B}
{d. $d $D {($v)
* The first and second lines always prints.
* The second line always prints 'Born on '
* The second line may or may not print ' at ' and the place depending on whether the place is known.
* The third line will not be displayed if the person is alive or if BOTH the date and place of death is not known.
{Born{ on $b}{ at $B
If either the date or place (or both) of birth is known 'Born ' will print with what information is known. If neither is known a blank line will print. You can replace the first '{' with a '-' to remove the line all together from what displays (for this person)
=== Replace missing places/dates with: ===
All reports come with this option to either:
# print nothing at all. ie ''
# print '_____' (A space to fill in information)
when a place or a date is not known.
ie. The first example may display 'Born on _____' if both the date and place are unknown.
=== See also ===
* [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_2#Substitution_Values]]
=== The Replace tab ===
* Note that this tab is only available in the Descendant reports.
Since all of the columns are the same width, the single longest line within the report dictates the entire width of the report. As such, I have added this feature to help ''replace'' long lines with something smaller. Examples of use are:
=== The Notes tab ===
This tab helps you to display a personalized note somewhere on the report. The options are whether to print a note, what to print, and where to print in (corners only at this time). The '$T' variable will now print the date.

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