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Addon:Graphical Reports

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All reports: Merge all support option tab into one page and delete those pages - Seeing as addon was merged in to Gramps proper in the past
These reports share most the following option tabs unless stated otherwise:
== All reports Tree Options tab ==All of these three reports share the following features:#The [[Graphical_Tr_Report|Tree Options tab]] contains the main options on how many columns of people will be shown This is always the starting place of any report.  ;The main item of interest is the '''Center Person/Family.''':Both the Ancestoral and Personal Descendant reports ask for a center person. :The Familial Descendant report asks for a center family ;Generations:How many generations (columns) will be shown on the report. ;Level of Spouses:Only available in the Descendant reports. Whether to show: <br/>:0 - No spouses, only direct descendants <br/>:1 - Spouses of the direct descendants <br/>:2 - Spouses of those spouses <br/>:3 - etc ;Print Entire tree:Only available in the Ancestoral report. Fills out the entire tree. If a grand-parent is unknown, print an empty box. ;Compress tree:Tries to compress the tree to minimize printing space. ;Show spouses of the center person:Only available in the Ancestoral report. Displays information about the spouses below the center person. Also allows you to select which display (main/secondary) to use.  == ==
#The [[Graphical_Di_Report|Display tab]] shows the main display that will be used
== ==
#The [[Graphical_Se_Report|Secondary [display] tab]] shows secondary display that can/will be used
== ==
#The same [[Graphical_Pr_Report|print features]]
== ==
#Better [[display formatting|Graphical_Substitution]]
##'{' and '}' now encapsulate areas that can be removed if all variables within are unknown

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