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Linux: Install latest version: update example
The version of Gramps that has been included in your distribution will have been tested to work with the components in that distribution. If you try to install a different version of Gramps there is a possibility that the components needed for the new version of Gramps are not available for your distribution, or they are available, but don't work properly. You might not discover that there is a problem till you have already done some work with the new version of Gramps.
If you already have Gramps installed, and you are only making a 'point' upgrade (i.e. from Gramps x.y.z to x.y.z+1, e.g. from 35.41.3 to 35.41.45), then it is likely but not certain that Gramps will continue to work. However, if the change is much greater, especially if it is a major version change (e.g. from 24.y.z to 35.y.z), then the danger that it does not work properly is much greater.}}
=== Debian-based ===

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