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Linux Live CD: Mention how old! 2010 release 12 years ago!!
== Linux Live CD ==
{{man warn|Note that both this '''Linux live CD Demonstration''' includes Gramps {{Version Linux Live CD demonstrations use }} an old version of Gramps released 2010-11-17 and it is not recommended for general use}}
'''Linux live CD Demonstration''' includes Gramps {{Version Linux Live CD}} pre-installed to trial, without touching anything on the hard drive. To start this boot the Computer with this Live Linux Desktop on a CD in the CD/DVD-ROM Drive. (Requires that you write this image to a CD-ROM using CD-Burner software eg:Nero, Imgburn, [ Rufus]..). [[Linux_Genealogy_CD#Download_the_CD|Download the CD]] (727 MB). The [[Linux Genealogy CD|Linux Genealogy CD is based on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)]]. If you are interested in Gramps, but are afraid to actually install it or unable to install it (not your PC, windows, no internet at home, work laptop, ...), then try out our [[Linux Genealogy CD]]. It runs without installing on the hard disk and contains a collection of open source, free, genealogy programs. You can then install latest [ Ubuntu] and Gramps from the CD anytime you like.

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