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Nl:GRAMPS 3.0 Wiki Handleiding - Familiestambomen beheren

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Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat
== Een familiestamboom herstellen ==
[[Image:Dbmanager04.png|350px|Left|Een versie kiezen om te herstellen]][[Image:Dbmanager05.png|350px|right|Herstelde versie]]
Simply highlight the archive you want to restore, and select the {{man button|Restore}} button.
[[Image:Dbmanager04.png|Selecting a version to restore]]
GRAMPS will transfer the archive into a new Family Tree. The Family Tree name is based on the original name and the archive name.
[[Image:Dbmanager05  Dit kan eenvoudig door het archief te selecteren en dan op de {{man button|Herstellen}} knop te klikken.           GRAMPS zal het archief importeren in een nieuwe familiestamboom. De naam van deze stamboom zal gebaseerd zijn op de originele naam en de archiefnaam.png|Restored version]]
== Een familiestamboom ontgrendelen ==
Wanneer GRAMPS een familiestamboom opent, wordt deze stamboom vergrendeld zodat niemand, ook uzelf, deze familiestamboom opnieuw zou openen. Een tweede versie van GRMAPS GRAMPS kan deze een familiestamboom openeopenen, maar de familiestamboom die reeds geopend is, zal met een {{man label|slot}} icoon verschijnen zodat u weet dat u deze familiestamboom niet kunt openen. Door in de eerste GRAMPS-versie de stamboom te sluiten, wordt de familiestamboom in de tweede GRAMPS-versie opnieuw beschikbaar
Door eenzelfde familiestamboom in twee versies van GRAMPS te open openen is de kans groot dat uw gegevens beschadigd worden.
In het onwaarschijnlijke geval dat GRAMPS zou crashen, wordt de familiestamboom vergrendeld afgesloten. Om deze stamboom opnieuw toegankelijk te maken, selecteert u deze stamboom en klikt u op de knop {{man button|ontgrendelen}} die dan beschikbaar wordt. Dit Doe dit echter enkel indien u er zeker van bent dat geen andere GRAMPS-versie de familiestamboom momenteel gebruikt.
== Een beschadigde familiestamboom herstellen ==
[[Image:Dbmanager07.png|350px|thumb|Een stamboom herstellen]]
Indien uw familiestamboom toch beschadigd werd, wordt een rood fouticoon getoond in de {{man label|Status}} kolom.
Should your Family Tree become damaged or corrupted in some way, GRAMPS' Family Tree Manager will display a red Error icon in the {{man label|Status}} column. To tell GRAMPS to attempt to repair the damage, select the Tree and then click the {{man button|Repair}} button. This will attempt to rebuild your tree from the backup files that are automatically created on exit.
    Door op de {{man button|Herstellen}} knop te klikken zal, GRAMPS proberen de familiestamboom te herstellen.        De stamboom wordt opnieuw opgebouwd vanuit de reservekopieën die automatisch worden aangemaakt als het programma verlaten wordt. == Saving Changes to Your Family Tree Aanpassingen opslaan ==
GRAMPS saves your changes as soon as you apply them. This means, for example, that any time you click {{man button|OK}} when using GRAMPS, your changes are immediately recorded and saved. There is no separate "save" command.
You can undo changes you've made by selecting ''' Edit ->Undo '''. If you select this command repeatedly, your most recent changes will be undone one at a time. To roll back multiple commands at a time, you can using the {{man label|Undo History}} dialog available from the {{man label|Edit}} menu.
If you want to return your Family Tree to the way it was when you opened it, select ''' File Familiestambomen ->Abandon changes and quit ''' . (This is just like quitting without saving in other programs.)
If you would like to save a copy of your Family Tree under a different name, you will need to export it and then import it into a new Family Tree. The ''GRAMPS XML database'' format is recommended for this purpose.
{{man note| Importing vs. opening |Please recognize that importing a database is different from opening a database. When you import, you are actually bringing data from one database into a GRAMPS database. When you open a file, you are editing your original file.}}
To import data, select ''' File Familiestambomen ->Import ''' . The '''Import database''' dialog will open, asking you to specify the file you wish to import.
{{man warn| Data loss with some formats |It is important to note that the importing process is not perfect for GEDCOM and GeneWeb databases. There is a chance that some of the data in these databases will not be imported into GRAMPS.}}
*GRAMPS V2.x database (grdb): Prior to Version 3.0, this native GRAMPS database format was a specific form of Berkeley database (BSDDB) with a special structure of data tables. This format was binary and architecture-dependent. It was very quick and efficient, but not generally portable across computers with different binary architecture (e.g. i386 vs. alpha).
*GRAMPS XML: The GRAMPS XML file was the default format for older (pre 2.x) versions of GRAMPS. Unlike the grdb format, it is architecture independent and human-readable. The database may also have references to non-local (external) media objects, therefore it is not guaranteed to be completely portable. The GRAMPS XML database is created by exporting ( ''' Family Trees Familiestambomen ->Export... ''' ) to that format.
*GRAMPS package: The GRAMPS package is a compressed archive containing the GRAMPS XML file and all media objects (images, sound files, etc.) to which the database refers. Because it contains all the media objects, this format is completely portable. The GRAMPS package is created by exporting ( ''' Family Trees Familiestambomen ->Export... ''' ) data in that format.
If you import information from another GRAMPS database or GRAMPS XML database, you will see the progress of the operation in the progress bar of GRAMPS' main window.
=== Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat ===
[[Image:Gedcom-export.png|right|thumb|250px|Fig.3.xx.Export assistant: GEDCOM options]]
GRAMPS laat u toe om een gegevensbestand te exporteren naar het gekende GEDCOM-formaat. Er zijn verscheidene opties om uw export te verfijnen.
This option allows specify where your image files are located. This is useful when you are transferring your GEDCOM file from one computer to another. It tells the program that is importing the data where your images are.
[[Image:Gedcom-export.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig.3.xx.Export assistant: GEDCOM options]]=== Exporteren naar GRAMPS formaten ===
=== Exporteren naar {{man warn|Privacy Filters |It is important to verify your privacy options on Exporter. Do not enable filters or privacy options for GRAMPS formaten ===XML backups.}}
*GRAMPS XML database export: Exporting into GRAMPS XML format will produce a database compatible with the previous versions of GRAMPS. As XML is a text-based human-readable format, you may also use it to take a look at your data.

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