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Adapt a built-in Report

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{{man warn|1=&#x1F6A7; Work In Progress|2=This wikipage is an outline from a template being roughed in. Please don't edit '''''just yet'''''. Instead, contribute suggestions on the Discussion page. <br /><br />This page is not planned be linked to a public page until about 2 weeks after 8 April 2021. <br /><br />If this notice remains after that date, please feel welcome to remove this notice and consider the content 'fair game' for unlimited editing.}}==Purpose==A question was posted to the Discourse forum wondering if there were tips somewhere for copying an internal Gramps report to a make an experimental add-onaddon?
It seems like more people would be intrigued with the possibilities of tweaking reports without the risk of breaking a feature. Particularly one that they use often enough that tweaking it seemed like a good idea.
Making a duplicate add-on addon sidesteps putting the original at risk. However, there are differences between built-ins and 3rd party add-onsaddons. It seemed like that might require at least converting the library paths and making a new <code></code> registration file. What else?
==A reply privately shared==
In a private message ''{on March 28th}'', GaryG privately replied and sent a few copies of reports generated that are examples of internal reports converted to the Add-on Addon format.
In the sample cases, Gary had taken the Detailed Ancestor and [[Addon:Descendant_and_Detailed_Descendant_Book_Reports|Detailed Descendant]] stock reports and added the ability to include *all* images for everyone. The Detailed individual report had that functionality, but the ancestor/descendant did not.
==Find the original Add-on Addon Python source==Reports can be difficult to find in the Gramps collection of source code. There are a wide variety of report flavors: text and graphical reports, Quick Reports, reporting View modes and reporting Gramplets. And each can be built-in or be a 3rd Party Add-onAddon.
So, the first step is to find the master copy of the module generating the report.
Third party add-ons addons are easy to locate within the <code>gramps51\plugins</code> subdirectory of the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_User_Directory|User Directory]]. You just make a duplicate of the report and modify the duplicate to be distinct (both to Gramps and how the modified report will appear in the GUI) from the original.
For the built-ins, we''' start with the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Command_Line#report_action_option|CLI Reports list]] from a stock installation of Gramps:
==Not yet converted...==
Apart from filing a bug report and waiting a long time for someone qualified to do something about it, you will have to modify the code.
Unfortunately the Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor reports are part of the main program and are not plugins.

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