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New Event dialog: hotlinking
===New Event dialog===
[[File:EditEvent-dialog-example-50.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Edit Event - dialog - example]]
Events are edited through the {{man label|Event Editor}} dialog. This dialog can be accessed from either by: double-clicking a row in the Event category view, or in the [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Events_2|{{man label|Events}} tab]] of the {{man label|[[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Edit_Person_dialog|Edit Person]]}} dialog , or the [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Events|{{man label|Events}} tab]] of the {{man label|Marriage/Relationship[[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Family_Editor_dialog|Family Editor]]}} dialog.
The top part lets you view and edit basic information about the event:
* The {{man label|Event type:}} can be selected from the available types listed in the Event type drop-down menu. Ee.g., '''Birth'''(''default''), Baptism, Death, Burial, etc. Gramps <br />You can enter you own Event [[Gramps_Glossary#custom|Custom Types]] by typing directly into this entry field.
* The {{man label|Date:}} of the event can be an exact date, a range (''from ... to ..., between ...''), or an inexact date (''about ...'').
** {{man button|Invoke date editor}} button starts the {{man label|Date selection}} dialog.

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