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** [[Addon:SetPrivacyTool|Set Privacy Tool]]
** [[Addon:AddRemoveTagTool|Add/Remove Tag Tool]]
 ** [[Rule_expansions#FilterRules_:_Plugin_Manager_Rulebook_Collection|FilterRules]] : Plugin Manager Rulebook Collection 1*** People related to <filter>*** People with events with a selected role*** Families with Events with a selected role*** Source matching parameters*** People Separated less than <N> degrees of <Home person>*** People Separated less than <N> degrees of <person>*** Events of families matching a <family filter>*** Families matching <event filter>*** People who are part of families matching <filter>*** Filter people by their age at death*** Match associations of <person filter>*** People with multiple parent records** [[Rule_expansions#FilterRules2_:_Plugin_Manager_Rulebook_Collection|FilterRules2]] : Plugin Manager Rulebook Collection 2*** Matrilineal progenitrix of <person>*** Mitochondrial inheritance of <filter>*** Mitochondrial inheritance of <person>*** Patrilineal progenitor of <person>*** X-chromosomal ancestors of <person>*** X-chromosomal descendants of <person>*** Y-chromosomal inheritance of <person filter>*** Y-chromosomal inheritance of <person>

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