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Addon:Photo Tagging Gramplet

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Selection area: Drag;n;drop
To tag a person, select a region of the image by pressing the left mouse button in one of its corners and dragging the pointer across the desired area. A rectangular frame will mark the selected region. Use the toolbar to select an existing person or add a new person to be associated with the region.
{{man tip|Drag'n'Drop as an alternative to the Person Selection dialog|The most obvious option for selecting a Person for a tag is the Person Selection Dialog. But you can use [ Drag'n'Drop] as an alternative and more efficient method.<br />Drag a Person from the Clipboard to drop on the selected row in the Gramplet to complete a Tag. Or, detach ([[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#The_split-screen_Sidebar_.26_Bottombar|undock]]) the Photo Tagging Gramplet and use the Relationship View to tag multiple members from a Family group. Or use filtering in the People View to select from a subset of the family tree.<br /><br />It is important to select the target row '''''before''''' beginning any drag.}}
To modify a region, first make it active by clicking inside the region. Move the mouse pointer to one of the borders or corners of the selection box. A grabbing handle will appear that you can drag to modify the shape of the box.

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