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Font troubleshooting

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Blurry fonts: add cleartype recalibration
If the outlines of dialogs and controls appear sharp but text is blurry, you should change '''''one''''' of the contributing factors: the fonts size in Gramps Themes preferences, the screen resolution, or the OS Accessibility font scaling. Do '''''NOT''''' change more than one setting before checking the results. If that changing that contributing factor does not help, revert it to the previous setting before adjusting the next factor.
If you are using a infinitely scalable don't (such as ttf - TrueType or ClearType), you may need to recalibrate for your screen resolution.
In Windows, there is a ClearType calibration you can do from the Fonts control panel. It is a calibration that is more visible when more modern drivers are used. There are a series of eye-doctor examine style questions (better on 1? Or 2?)
=== See also ===
* Gramps-users maillist posting: "[ Letters seems so blurred in Gramps 5.1.1?]"
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