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[[File:Graph View Empty context menu.png|thumb|450px|Right click menu shown when selecting an empty section of the chart.]]
Right-click an empty section of the Graph View to offer the following display options:
* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Show images}} - Display thumbnails or avatars* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Highlight the home person}} - set the background of the Home Person to green* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show full dates}} - format the birth and death date as only the year or as the complete date* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show places}} - show or hide birth and death places* {{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show tags}} - show color markers on tagged Persons and Families* {{checkbox|1}}{{man label|Show animation}} - after redraws, wiggle the Active Person to draw focus
* {{man label|Lines type}} - choose the style of lines connecting People and Families

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