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Once this addon has been installed:
* Select Menu {{man menu|Tools > Utilities -> Thumbnail Generator Tool...}}
{{man warn|There is no confirmation bailout|Despite the horizontal ellipsis ("…") at the end of this menu selection, no additional dialog appears before the action begins* No confirmation (preemptive cancel) opportunity. * No options are offered.}}
{{man warn|Undo history warning|Proceeding with this tool will erase the undo history for this session. In particular, you will not be able to revert the changes made by this tool or any changes made prior to it. If you think you may want to revert running this tool, please stop here and [[How_to_make_a_backup|backup]] your database.}}
==See also==
* [[Addon:AvatarGenerator|Avatar Generator tool]]
* Feature Request {{bug|9902}}: [Thumbnail Generator] does not delete old Thumbnails when run [Add option to delete old Thumbnails]
* Feature Request {{bug|8161}}: Gallery does not generate thumbnails of PDF files.
* Feature Request {{bug|7390}}: Gallery tab of Source view does not display .ods files
* Feature Request {{bug|6183}}: GraphView docgen: JPG/PNG thumbnails not within the graph nodes at large DPI
* Feature Request {{bug|4120}}: To remove last [GNOME] GCONF references? (function attempts to generate a thumbnail image for a non-image)
* [[Template:Releases/2.0.7|Gramps 2.0.7 release notes]]: Thumbnail generation support described with "evince" installed, thumbnails for PDF files; "totem" installed, thumbnails for video files

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