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Addon:Graph View

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Configure Options: add additional menu options
**{{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show full dates}} (checkbox unselected by default)
**{{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show places}} (checkbox unselected by default)
**{{man label|Placeformat:}}
**{{checkbox|0}}{{man label|Show tags}} (checkbox unselected by default)
**{{man label|Font:}} - shows the default that can be changed by selecting from the
*** {{man label|Pick a Font}} dialog
**{{man label|Avatars style:}}
*** Custom
*** Dark '''Default'''
*** Light
*** Cartoon
Choose the Custom {{man label|Avatars style}} adds 2 more popup menus:
*** {{man label|Male avatar:}} File selector
*** {{man label|Female avatar:}} File selector

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