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Gramps Glossary

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;<span id="secondary_object">secondary object</span>: Secondary objects are contained within other objects, and cannot be referenced directly. They can contain other secondary objects. Examples include: Name, Date and Address. See [[Using_database_API#Secondary_Objects|Using database API, Secondary Objects]] (see also ''[[#primary_object|primary object]]'')
;<span id="sharing">Shared objects</span>: Sharing allows Objects to be linked to other objects to establish a relationship or maintain single set of characteristics (or [[#secondary_object|secondary objects]]) that they hold in common. This allows updates to a shared object to be reflected in all instances mentioning (referencing) that shared object. Redundantly creating object with the same information should be avoided. (So, refining a City to include the enclosing county instead of the less specific enclosing state will be seen for all Events referencing that City and Places enclosed by it.) <br />;<span id="reference information"><span id="shared information">Object descriptions are grouped in two distinct sections: <br />&nbsp;&bull; The '''Reference Information''' section contains information unique to one instance. <br />&nbsp;&bull; The '''Shared Information''' of an object will be seen in all instances that are linked to it.</span></span>
;[[File:Gramps-source.png|right]]<span id="source">Source</span>: ({{icon|sour34}} ''[[#primary_object|prim. obj.]]'') - A person ''(family, friend, another researcher)'', thing ''(book, magazine newspaper, census)'', or place ''(courthouse, church, library, genealogical/historical society)'' from which information comes, arises, or is obtained. After [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#New_Source_dialog|adding a Source]] to a Gramps Tree, the [[Sources#Definition|Source]] can be referenced in [[#citation|Citations]] and organized with [[#repository|Repositories]].

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