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Gramps and GEDCOM

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Revise for the advent of official publications of the 5.5.1 and 7 standards
{{stub}}Gramps uses [[Gramps XML]], which is a less confining format than '''''standard''''' [[GEDCOM]].
Although Gramps uses [[Gramps XML]] which is considered a superior format to [[GEDCOM]] by the Gramps developers.  Although Gramps should be able to import most '''''basic''''' genealogical data from GEDCOM through its GEDCOM Import module, many much data commonly handled in modern Genealogical software can not be described while staying within the confines of the Gramps features are not supported by the GEDCOM standard and so . So, GEDCOM Export from a Gramps Family Tree or Gramps XML is necessarily a '''lossy''' operation.
{{man tip|Gramps state of the GEDCOM art|
[[Import_from_another_genealogy_program#Standard_GEDCOM_as_transfer_tool|GEDCOM has become the de facto standard]] for [ schema crosswalking] the basic family history data between programs. <br/>Because [ dialects ] can arise for each program that writes GEDCOM files, we openly document where that additional layer of data loss occurs. But, since dialects cause incompatibilities in data exchange, we strive to avoid a "Gramps accented" dialect of GEDCOM.
The 2018 revision of a blog article by Keith Riggle is a frank evaluation of GEDCOM dialect issues between [[Import_from_another_genealogy_program#Family_Tree_Maker|Gramps & Family Tree Maker]].}}
This page attempts to list information that is lost on a GEDCOM export from Gramps, so that users may choose to restrain their Gramps use to those features that GEDCOM can handle. Gramps recognizes the relevance of GEDCOM and attempts to offer the best broadest compatibility possible.
{{man note|The Gramps version used as a reference for this page is|Gramps Trunk, which at the time was Gramps 3.3.(Released:2011-06-12)}}
The evolution of the GEDCOM standard stopped evolving stalled on 10 January 1996. There is was a 1999 draft for a GEDCOM 5.5.1 version, of which became the de facto standard but wasn't officially endorsed until November 2019. (The GEDCOM 7 specification was officially published in June 2021.)  Gramps uses several features of GEDCOM 5.5.1 as noted below.
The following assumes the 5.5.1 standard for the GEDCOM export utility. However, there is also a set of common extensions that have been bundled togetheras another dialect writable by Gramps. See [[GEDCOM Extensions]] for more information.

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