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Translating Gramps

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Translating mnemonics keys(Keyboard Shortcut keys)
===Translating mnemonics keys(Keyboard Shortcut keys)===
Mnemonics are accelerator keys (also known as Keyboard Shortcut keys) you find in labels, accessible by pressing the {{man key press|ALT}} key together with the mnemonic. You see then in the translated text with a low line, <abbr title="exempli gratia - Latin phrase meaning 'for example'">e.g.</abbr>, '_Help' is shown as 'Help' with a line an underline under the H, and can be put to focus/selected by pressing {{man key press|ALT|h}}.
It is nice if mnemonics on a screen are unique, but it is not required. If you use twice the same mnemonic, the user must press repeatedly the accelerator to switch between the different entries. However, note the following rule:

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