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The {{man label|Advanced}} tab
* {{checkbox|0|{{man label|Enable custom start position}}}} If selected, the map centers on a specific location and zoom scale.
* {{man label|Start latitude:}} +90 (north pole) to -90 (south pole). The central latitude for a displayed map.
* {{man label|Start longitude:}} -180 to 0 for the western hemisphere and 0 to +180 for the eastern hemisphere. The central latitude longitude for a displayed map.
* {{man label|Start zoom:}} 1 to 18 [8 default]. 1 shows the entire planet surface in about 5 inches square.
====The {{man label|Limits}} tab====
* {{checkbox|0|{{man label|Enable map limits}}}} If selected, the map is restricted to a range of zoom scales and a viewing window.

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