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The {{man label|Options}} tab: make larger so i can read the text!
Select Menu {{man menu|Reports ▼ Web Pages ▶ Heatmap...}}
====The {{man label|Options}} tab====
[[File:Gramplet_HeatmapOptions.png|thumb|right|301px450px|Heatmap Options tab]]This tab allows the following options to be selected:
* {{man label|Filter:}} ''defaults'' to restrict {{icon|peop}}Person results to match the "<code>Ancestors of <selected person></code>" filter. <br />Other filters include the "<code>Descendants of <selected person></code>" or any of the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Filters#Custom_Filter_Editor|custom filter]] for the Person category.
* {{man label|Person:}} Sets the <code><selected person></code> for the filter. <br />This ''defaults'' to the currently [[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]]. <br />[[File:Gramplet_HeatmapSelectPerson.png|thumb|right|417px|Heatmap Select Person dialog]]{{icon|share}}Share button allows the <code><selected person></code> to be re-selected. <br />The Share list is initially filtered to the current Active Person, Home Person and any bookmarked persons. <br />{{checkbox|0|{{man label|Show all}}}} checkbox allows choosing from an unfiltered People list.

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