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Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat
GRAMPS laat u toe om een gegevensbestand te exporteren naar het gekende GEDCOM-formaat. Er zijn verscheidene opties om uw export te verfijnen.
*Encoding: Since different languages use different characters, it is important to tell a GEDCOM file what character set is used. The two formats traditionally accepted are ASCII and ANSEL. Since all ASCII characters are valid ANSEL characters, GRAMPS does not provide an option for ASCII.
Because ANSEL is not commonly used, some genealogy programs will accept ANSI (more commonly known as ISO-8859-1) and Unicode character sets. Only select ANSI or Unicode if you know any program that attempts to read the GEDCOM file will understand these character sets.
*Filter: The filter allows you to export a limited amount of data, based on the criteria you select.
*Target: While GEDCOM is a standard, not every program implements it in the same way. This can lead to data loss. GRAMPS can reduce the data loss in some cases. You can tell GRAMPS what program is the target, and GRAMPS will customize the exported file for that program. If your program is not listed, choose the "GEDCOM 5.5 Standard".
*Copyright: Allows you to select a statement to describe your Copyright claim.
*Do not include records marked private: Check this box to prevent private records from being included in the exported file.

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