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Addon:Life Line Chart View

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{{languages|Life Line Chart View}}
{{Third-party plugin}}
{{man warn|To enable SVG file export use the minimum requirement of Python 3.6 for svgwrite [[#Prerequisites|prerequisite]]}}
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot1-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing an ancestors tree (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot2-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a descendant tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot3-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a larger ancestor tree (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot4-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a ancestor tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot6-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a descendant tree in cactus shape (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
'''Life Line Chart View''' is an interactive {{icon|ance}} [[Gramps Glossary#charts view|{{man label|Charts}} ]] category view addon which shows individuals as lines in an ancestor or descendant chart. The length and position of the line depends on the actual life span and the marriages. The pedigree/ancestor collapse is handled. Labels for birth / names, death, and marriages can be added.
The active person on the person tab is starting point in both charts. Birth/christening/baptism, death/burial, and marriage dates need to be available to properly draw this chart. If they are incomplete reasonable guess values are chosen if possible. If not, then these individuals are not shown
* number of generations.
* shape relative line width.* vertical and warp variantshorizontal chart size.* label layoutwarping of the whole chart (normal grid, sine, triangle).* show or hide pedigree collapse.* unique line color or coloringbased on surname.* line fading represents the uncertainty of dates or the age.* sizingshow or hide lables for birth, death, marriages.* line weighting in (only descendant diagram).* general chart layout "parents enclose children" or "cactus" (only descendant diagram).* optimizations (only ancestor diagram):** flip family to reduce the cross chart connection lengths.** horizontal chart compression.* softness of the family shape.* vertical flipping of the whole chart.{{stub}}* show photos of the person on the line.* size of the photos.
=== Label Configuration ===
{{stub}}* birth and death label.** position.** rotation.** alignment.** word wrapping.** font name and size.* marriage label font size and name.
== Features ==
* Photos of the persons can be displayed along the line. Their position is either based on the date that is set in the media object, or displayed in the order of appearance in the family tree.
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot4-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a ancestor tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
* Overview map on the bottom left.
* The diagram can be exported as an SVG file using the {{man button|Save the Life Line Chart View}} button(not available using Python 3.5).
* Layout optimization algorithms.
* Dark theme.
'''If the requirements for this addon have not already been installed you will be prompted to download them semi-automatically by selecting the {{man button|Download module}} button for each.'''
The addon is based on the python Python module [ life_line_chart], this Python module is required. This python module and  [[File:LifeLineChartView-life line chart.png]] To enable SVG file export, the dependent module ([ svgwrite]) are is required(which has a minimum requirement of Python 3.6).
= Issues =* "smooth scrolling" is supported since GTK 3.24 ([ GTK documentation]), the Windows AIO currently uses an older version.* Touch screens are not properly supported on Windows. This is an unresolved GTK issue ([Filehttps:LifeLineChartView// line chart.png]/issues/3162#note_911387 GTK issue])
= Issues =
For current issues see the related tag [ LifeLineChartView] on the bugtracker.

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