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Life Line Chart View

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** Showing siblings in the ancestor chart
* You may lock {{man key press|Ctrl}} with the GUI control button "M"
* You may also use the filter to fade out individuals
* A tooltip shows the name, gramps id, birth and death date of the person.
[[File:ConfigureScreenshot-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Configure dialog (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
* number of generations.* shape and warp variants.* labelslabel layout.* coloring.* sizing.* line weighting in descendant diagram.
== Features ==
* Photos of the persons can be displayed along the line. Their position is either based on the date that is set in the media object, or displayed in the order of appearance in the db.
[[File:LifeLineChartViewScreenshot4-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a ancestor tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)]]
* Layout optimization algorithms.* Overview map on the bottom left.
* The diagram can be exported as SVG.
* Dark theme.
* Handling of pedigree collapse.
== Issues ==

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