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For [[File:Debianopenlogo-32.png|link=Download#Debian-based]]'''[[Debian|Debian-based linux distributions]]''' (Which includes [[File:Ubuntu_32x32.png|link=Download#Debian-based]]''' Ubuntu ''') [{{github_url}}/releases/v{{version}} Download the .deb file]. Double-click on the downloaded .deb file or (for some distributions, e.g. Mint Debian) run the following command from the directory where the file was saved (change the filename to match the one you downloaded).
sudo dpkg -i python-gramps_{{version}}-1_all.deb
If you have an error about having unmet dependencies run:
* Find out what version you are running, by using this:
dpkg-query -s python-gramps
that queries the package and gives you info about it.
* If you are committed to an upgrade then make sure you have backed up you Family Trees to Gramps XML then run :
sudo dpkg -r python-gramps
this will remove the current gramps package (assuming its a python3 version older versions could be python-gramps )

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