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Talk:Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual

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Wiki Manual, User manual, ... ?
::::Thanks everyone for your contributions to making the documentation easier to get to. --[[User:Sam888|Sam888]] ([[User talk:Sam888|talk]]) 02:18, 15 June 2020 (UTC)
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Sorry... I was more referring to the version number than the 'Gramps' portion of the prefix when writing that it was part of the organization we chose with MediaWiki content management. Although I hadn't even considered the option of dropping the Gramps & keeping the version.
It is REALLY nice that when a page URL pops up for a page of the manual, I can just change the version number... and go to the current manual or back a few version to see how a feature worked previously.
We've had some Discussions about retiring the superseded manual pages. But that is complicated with so many people choosing to stick the old revisions or evaluating from bundled versions in various Linux distributions. I suppose we could put in placeholder redirects. That would keep the Help from breaking in older version (albeit with it pointing to pages with features & functionality differences. But all the subsection anchors might break) It would also help with Search Engine indexing... they demote redirect pages in the rankings. It probably won't help with the internal search of our our MediaWiki installation. But we could add noindex 'magic words' to the redirects to improve the accuracy of the internal search.
Another possibility would be to do URL rewrite rules at the server level... before MediaWiki ever gets the request. That's pretty finicky work & it'd be easy to mess up.
[[User:Bamaustin|Bamaustin]] ([[User talk:Bamaustin|talk]]) 03:53, 15 June 2020 (UTC)

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